NXT-Cloud® GPO Commerce Suite (GCS)
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NXT-Cloud® GPO Commerce Suite (GCS)
  • NXT-Cloud® GPO Commerce Suite (GCS) - Cloud-hosted solution enabling Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) to optimize the group’s collective buying power, operational effectiveness, and financial return to member companies, through 24x7 secure access to an enterprise suite of buying group management and business-to-business (B2B) commerce applications. GCS also supports sell-side group commerce solutions, enabling multi-location distribution companies to band together and conduct business electronically as an Integrated Distribution Network (IDNs) to larger national account customers.
Key Features & Functions
B2B Document Manager (BDM) - Cloud-hosted business-to-business (B2B) document management platform; providing your company with the ability to generate, transmit, receive, print, download, and monitor the status of transaction sets (quotes, purchase orders, invoices, and payments) exchanged between your company and your business partner vendors and customers.
AD Marketplace - AD Marketplace™ allows AD Owner-Distributors, after a single login, to place their order with all AD Preferred Suppliers of which they are an authorized distributor.
NXT-Cloud® Rebate Management System (RMS) - Cloud-hosted rebate management platform; providing a robust collection of online tools for collecting, analyzing, and reporting group and individual company sales and rebates earned on preferred vendor programs. RMS supports flat, tiered, growth, and hybrid type report calculations and real-time online reporting; utilizing transaction set data collected during the B2B document exchange process.
NXT-Cloud® GPO Business Portal (GBP) - Cloud-hosted private portal; supplying your company with important information about “active” vendor programs, vendor promotions and special offers, group-related news and scheduled events, headquarters points of contact, industry newsletters, and much more.
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NXT-Cloud® B2B Document Manager (BDM)
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